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As we get further away from ancestral wisdom and nutrient dense, unprocessed foods, pregnancy and childbirth complications are on the rise. Humans have been giving birth without intervention for millions of years, so why would we not eat the nutrient-dense animal foods that we have been consuming for millions of years to ensure a strong, healthy pregnancy? The best gift you can give to your child, and to yourself, is to truly focus on eating enough nourishing food throughout pregnancy & beyond. 


As a full-spectrum doula & holistic nutrition consultant, I am committed to providing information rooted in ancestral wisdom, food science, and personal experience to empower women to feel their best. Mainstream nutritional recommendations for pregnancy are incomplete. You deserve to feel optimal and ready for one of the biggest events of your life that is birth. This guide highlights key nutrients & potential supplements to nourish both yourself and your baby adequately throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Holistic Nutrition Guide for Pregnancy

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