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holistic nutrition & homeopathy

Let's get nourished.

After many different "diets" and "programs" and unhealthy mindsets surrounding food, I have been determined to understand how our bodies work and why so many of us in the modern world are sick with chronic health issues or ailments. Through studying under Paul Saladino, MD, studying material from Oh Baby Nutrition, and through never ending continuing education in food science, nutrition, and homeopathy, I believe I have maximized my own health and understanding of my own body and want others to do the same.

Though there is a place for naturopath, and "root-cause protocols," I believe in starting simple with understanding how nutrient dense your diet is (or isn't), developing a healthy and mindful relationship with what you're putting into your body, and using homeopathy, a wonderful form of natural medicine, to address some of the symptoms that your body is communicating with you. Women need to nourish themselves from a place of abundance and decondition any beliefs around animal foods being "bad" or "fattening."

Pricing: Calls are $1/minute and includes a full written up recap of suggestions and points we spoke about

Acute conditions for yourself or your children: 20 minutes for $15

Let's dive in. Book a call.

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