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Samantha Conrad

Full-spectrum Doula, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Nutrition Consultant + Graphic Designer

I have always loved hearing people's stories, and felt a calling to heal. I shortly learned that I was hungry to learn and grow my healing practices, and that "healing" can look a lot of different ways. 


I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and attended Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Graphic Design alongside obtaining my Yoga Teacher and Doula certifications.


Since graduating, I have recognized my passion for holding space for others, and have not stopped learning about overall nourishment and well-being since. Since having my daughter, I have clearly recognized that Big Food and Big Pharma do not have our best interest in mind, and that it's up to us to empower ourselves and our families moving forward in birth and life.

I have done several homeopathic and holistic nutrition trainings, and am always open to learning more about true overall wellness.

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