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doula work

What is a doula?

A doula is a support person and a listener through your reproductive journey. My job is to help you feel safe, supported, respected, and heard. My job is to ensure that you understand all of your options throughout your experience so that you can make choices that feel best for you. I am passionate about home birth and trusting our bodies to give birth from a psiologic and undisturbed place whether that be at home or in a hospital setting.

I believe in informed consent. Download my Informed Consent Ebook to educate yourself about your choices for pregnancy, birth, and after-birth.

I bring nutrition and nourishment into my doula services. I am an independent Holistic Nutrition Consultant that truly believes that pre-conception, pregnancy, and postpartum are the most important times to nourish ourselves with nutrient-dense animal foods. We will take a look at your current diet, lifestyle, and stress habits and evaluate where making changes could be of benefit to help you feel safe, abundant, and truly nourished from a diet, mineral, and emotional perspective.

Fertility Awareness Method Education

Whether you are trying to prevent pregnancy, or on your journey to become pregnant, Fertility Awareness Method (cycle tracking) is an important, effective, and simple way to understand our reproductive health as women. Fertility Awareness Method is the most effective form of "birth control," without the endocrine disrupting hormones. Let's learn everything you should’ve been taught in Sex Ed.

Many people are misdiagnosed with "infertility" before examining whether they are or not ovulating, exactly when they are ovulating, understanding their partner's sperm quality, and misunderstanding their toxin overload or mineral depletion. If you are attempting to conceive, we will understand your diet, minerals, and cycle to examine how to bring a healthy, nourished soul into this world.

Download my Nutrition Guide for Pregnancy here for FREE.

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Birth + Postpartum Doula Services

Sam is here to advocate for your birth and postpartum decisions and discuss all of the options for you under the sun so you can be an active participant in your birth and postpartum experience.

Sam's support can look like:

Support with prenatal care

Attending your home birth

Newborn and parent support Postpartum

(and plenty of additional services in between)

Sam's services range from in-person support to online support.

Book a FREE consultation call here.

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