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doula work
"Sammy provided postpartum doula services to our family 2.5 weeks after birth.  Some of the areas she helped with were making dinner, tidying the kitchen, watching our toddler, changing diapers, assisting with feedings, even founding laundry.  Sammy also gave my husband and I an afternoon off and watched both our two year old and newborn.  This was a great break allowing us some time away without the kids.  However, I have to say, the most valuable part of her services was having a sounding board and someone to talk to other than the baby.  This can be very helpful in the weeks after birth when you need adult interaction.  I would recommend Sammy to anyone needing postpartum care!"

- Gina P

What is a doula?

A doula is a support person and a listener through your reproductive journey. My job is to help you feel safe, supported, respected, and heard. My job is to ensure that you understand all of your options throughout your experience so that you can make choices that feel best for you. A doula advocates without judgement.

I personally bring yoga + mindfulness practices into my doula services. A lot of emotions occur during any sort of reproductive journey. You deserve to find space to connect to yourself through decision making through meditation, breath work and mindful movement.

Fertility Doula Services

Sam will work with you as a support person in your journey to conceive. Sam is committed to normalizing different pathway of growing a family. She will work with you in learning more about your body and your fertility with cycle tracking, at-home ovulation tests, and optional additional methods such as modifying diet, yoga for fertility, and meditation + one-on-one practices to process what you're moving through and help your body, mind, and spirit become ready for conception. She is also committed to holding space through your experience after appointments, through loss, and provides education about options. This can be done at any point in your fertility journey, whether you have had previous struggles, are just starting to learn more about your fertility, or are actively trying to be pregnant.

To book a FREE consultation, email

Pregnancy Loss Doula Services

Sam will be your support system at any point in your pregnancy loss experience. Whether you are currently moving through a decision whether or not to have an abortion, would like to know more about your options and the abortion process, have experienced a miscarriage, or you are experiencing nervousness or grief before or after an abortion or miscarriage. 

This support can be in-person or virtually through one-on-one sessions, informational sessions, Yoga for Pregnancy Loss sessions, Yoga for Grief sessions, and anything in between.

To book a FREE consultation, email

Birth + Postpartum Doula Services

Sam is here to advocate for your birth and postpartum decisions and discuss all of the options for you under the sun so you can be an active participant in your birth and postpartum experience.

Sam's support can look like:

Help with Pre-natal care + Pre-natal Yoga

Attending your home or hospital birth

Newborn and parent support Postpartum

(and plenty of additional services in between)

Sam's services range from in-person support to online support and Sam is willing to travel for doula support.

Email for a FREE consultation + interview.

Postpartum Doula Packages

As a postpartum doula, Sam's goal is to empower families after birth.

Duties of a postpartum doula include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparing meals and snacks (Sam will be reimbursed for any groceries that are agreed upon and purchased). Inquire for Sam's Postpartum meal ideas + options, including lactation snacks

  • Housekeeping

  • Preparing herbal postpartum soaks

  • Running errands or watching baby while parent(s) run errands

  • Caring for baby and empowering parent(s) to care for baby

  • Ongoing support for birthing person (listening, massage, yoga, ensuring they get a shower, nap and food)

  • Unlimited phone, text, and email support


6 Postpartum Doula Visits - sliding scale $500-$600

8 Postpartum Doula Visits - sliding scale $675-$750

Additional Visits - $25/hour

"Shift" Visit Options

additional hours per day will be billed at $25/hour

Morning: 8a-12p

Afternoon: 12p-5p

Evening: 5p-9p

Overnight: 9p-7a


Pre-Birth Visit
to help prepare your space
$50, up to 5 hours

Postpartum Yoga + Meditation Sessions 

includes 1 hour of Restorative Yoga postures, meditation, and light essential oil massage


Email for a FREE consultation

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