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fertility support

Fertility Reset Program - $333

This program is for women who have been diagnosed with “infertility” or are unsure what to do next in their journey to becoming pregnant. We look at signaling abundance to the body focus on nourishment through a nutrition perspective by chatting about diet & relationship to food. We talk about cycle tracking and fertility awareness method beyond juts “ovulation strips.” We talk about getting in true touch with your womb, cervical mucus, and other biomarkers. Finally, I utilize homeopathic medicine to signal healing to the body. This also includes a consultation with Hannah Nicholson if it is deemed necessary to collaborate with more complex homeopathic recommendations. This is INCLUDED in the price.

Learn Fertility Awareness Method (1 session) - $66

Learning your body and its rythms is our birth right. Fertility Awareness Method (not the same as general "cycle tracking") is the most effective form of "birth control," and is also the most effective way to consciously conceive. Learn the ins and outs of this method for yourself, your daughters, or with a friend. Book a call and lets get OFF of hormonal birth control and take charge of our hormones and fertility.

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