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This e-book was created by a doula who strongly believes in informed consent for people who are planning to give birth whether it be in a facility, or at home. Before you agree to any “routine” procedure or treatment, you should be given information about what the test/intervention entails, the risks and benefits, and some understanding of why this test/intervention may be “routine” in the first place.


This information is not meant to overwhelm you, but instead to lay all of the interventions out there and allow you to have true informed consent, so that you can create a birth plan that feels right to you. This e-book will encourage you to simplify the process, trust your instincts, and birth your baby on your terms.


This e-book contains pregnancy information including: Urinalysis, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Ultrasounds, Chorionic Villus Sampling, Amniocentesis, Maternal Serum Alpha-Fetoprotein Screening, Screening for Gestational Diabetes, Group Beta Strep Swab, Rhogam, and Cervical Checks.


This e-book contains birth information including: Induction, Pitocin, Breaking Your Water, Intravenous Stent, Continuous Fetal Monitoring, Eating During Labor, Pain Mangement, Episiotomy, Forceps, Vacuum Extractor, and Cesarean Birth.


This e-book contains post-birth information including: Postpartum Bleeding Management, Cord Clamping, Wiping Off/Bathing The Baby, Immediate Skin-To-Skin, Eye Ointment, Vitamin K Shot, Hep B Vaccine, Sugar Water, Heel Prick Blood Test, Circumcision, and Placenta Decisions.

Informed Consent E-book for Pregnancy & Birth

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